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Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Three Reasons I'm Crushing on the Handsome Ass Dollar Shave Club Guy


Ok, I'll admit "Mike" is a bit white-bread d-bag for my usual tastes, but there's something about how cocky and sardonic he is in his youtube sensation viral marketing. 

PLUS he's got these three other things going for him:

1. He's sporty - "I'm good at tennis," he says with a missed volley. But that's fine because...

2. He's history nerd lite - "Your handsome ass grandfather only had one blade. And polio." 
Ooh, archaic disease references will forever earn a place in my heart. Just ask Oregon Trail.

3. He's frugal - D'uh

Surely, I'm not alone in my shave and save lust???

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