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Tuesday, July 9, 2013

This Weekend I Escaped to Istanbul

Oh how I WISH I was one of those "she's so lucky" types that weekends in the Black Sea, but alas I am purely referring to a candle

Granted this an Archipelago candle (ooh, Greek vocab time. How many Byzantine states can I fit in one post, honey?) so our little Park Slope home took on the sea cliffs of the Istanbul (was Constantinople!) with a heady blend of black cannibus, warm ambers and flush rose leaves. Green and exotic, this scent made the unshakable heat of our New York apartment feel like a divine invitation to wine and Netflix heavy evenings in the a/c

(Turn down the lights, turn down the bed...)

Trust me on this one: Archipelago Istanbul tin candle, $12 for 5.9oz at 

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