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Monday, October 22, 2012

I Can Dig It


They say nothing's harder than finding a needle in a haystack. 

As an amateur reseller,I say, "Bring on that haystack, honey!" You never know where a Brikin is hiding. 

This mentality was reinforced and rewarded yesterday when Mr Taurus and I stumbled across a end of season vintage courtyard sale. A vintage store stacked piles of end of season deadstock in its courtyard and swung open the doors to the general public. Each item: $3. 

We couldn't resist. Others in line did not share our enthusiasm. Excessive mounds of misshapes can be daunting, true, but for me and my partner (and burgeoning business partner) the thrill is in the hunt. And hunt we did, honey. We found some real kills in the drifts of duds and all was fair game. Bargain hunters came and went but none preyed like our party. Most felt instant intimidation or laziness and gave up before they really began. More for us. 

All in all we walked away with over a dozen chic car coats, tailored trousers, men's bomber jackets and sleek pencil skirts.  

To the scavenger go the spoils. 

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