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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

This weekend I Grew Up... A Little

Mr Taurus is always teasing me for keeping my friends close, but the real me even closer. I supposedly don't open up much and show beyond the surface. This weekend in Maryland, however, I celebrated Mother's Day not only with my momma but an old friend of mine who's also a mom of all of four weeks.

I was impressed with her ambidextrous handling of her newborn daughter and our conversation. Here's a gal I've shared more than my share of drinks and then drinks related "stories for the grandchildren" working on crafting that family before my very eyes without missing  a beat discussing our futures and our hopes. It was indeed a breath of fresh air.

Our friendship, much like the lives we've constructed iindependently and far away from our once home base, has evolved and we're both richer for it.

Perhaps I should listen to more things my boyfriend says.

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