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Monday, May 21, 2012

SNL Gave Much Satisfaction

Could it be? An SNL that made me laugh out loud (apologies to my co-workers who had to endure my Monday morning guffaws as I caught up on Hulu just now)

Mick Jagger, sir, I do a fancy roll of my hand and bow gesture to you and your comedic skills

"It would never in a million years be anal"   

"We can dream, can't we? "

And the return of  'Lazy Sunday' brought a whole sing-along about a planned trip to Sister Act the Musical complete with sneaky beverages

 "we take more shots in the theater than John Wilkes Booth"  - BRILLIANT !

And Dooneese finally found love with a hopeless face (and those dwarven hands) with special guest Jon Hamm-ing it up as an Italian singer 

Good for her and a special send-off for Kristen Wiig who is ready for prime time and/or the movies 

Man, that hand got a lot of play! 

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