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Friday, July 27, 2012

Once More with Feeling: Sartorial Soulmates: Michael Caine

With all thoughts going to London this week, I'm re-showing my love for Michael Caine and his sauve brand of British cool.

Hit it!

Child, if all you know of Michael Caine is Alfred in "The Dark Knight", you are missing one stylish O.G. 

and nobody got mo' play in his day!

(Oh whomever could be on the other end of Britt Ekland's loveline in "Get Carter" ?)

(Oh Alfie, tell me what it's all about!)

(yes, Nancy Sinatra! Get it!)

and he's been with Shakira!

well, that's model-actress Shakira Baksh, whom he's been with for 37 years. 
Umm.... sexy committed dad much? 

Congrats, Michael Caine, you're my current style icon. Don't F' it up!

1 comment:

  1. He is - and has always been - so freaking cool and effortless.
    Also, LOVE that he's been married to his stunning wife for so long, I also loved that you pointed this out.
    He's still so iconic to me, I think that there are certain men (and women) who never go out of style, they always maintain that confident air, and Michael Caine also seems to project an attitude, where he doesn't care what others think of him.
    And, how many people do we know, who could rock those 60s glasses (other than Michael Caine, and YOU, darling!)?


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